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 The past few months have brought a LOT of activity and change. We’ve been busy. Well, if you count sitting in a chair at the beach as busy for 75% of the summer busy, then we were busy. Maybe I should say that we were…occupied? We were out…doing things. Playing baseball (Dylan’s All-Star team won the District Title!), going out of town to visit with friends & family (my sister & her family were in town from China for a few weeks!), and loving on foster puppies.

After our cat was attacked (and very nearly killed) by a boxer in April, we spent some time at the local shelter working with them in making sure this dog didn’t have another opportunity to harm anyone/anything else. Long story short, the woman walking him was medically incapable of keeping control of him if he saw something he wanted to go after…so we did what we could to make sure she wasn’t the one responsible for taking him out in public anymore.

But, spending so much time at the shelter really highlighted the plight of homeless animals and the kids and I decided we wanted to do something, so we became dog fosters. We’ve had 2 pit bull mix puppies so far, and they’ve been amazing. Both have since found loving forever homes! YAY! Both very easily could have been added to the list of too many dogs every year who are euthanized due to shelter overcrowding, but are now loving, sweet pit bull ambassadors.

We can’t wait to get another one, but we’re going to be on a foster puppy hold for a while…because we finally started our kitchen remodel! Our house isn’t super pet friendly right now, so we’re going to hold off on fostering again until we’re…put back together. Who knows how long it will take, but at least we’ve started the process! I can not WAIT to have my new kitchen, I have so many plans to cooke, bake and entertain my heart out. I’m so looking forward to have people over again, and to start hosting the boy’s birthday parties at home. It’s been too long!

I also started a business.

OH, yeah, that’s kept me kinda, sorta busy. Who knew starting a business could take up so much time? If you are planning travel, or know anyone who is, send them my way! As a home based travel agent, I’ve aligned myself with some of the best suppliers in the industry. What does that mean for you? I can get you great deals and help facilitate amazing vacations. Cruises, All-Inclusives, Adventure Tours, you name it. Let’s get started planning your next trip!

 So, things have been busy. I’ve spent so much time focusing on everything ELSE, that I stopped focusing on myself. Which, let’s face it, is a pretty common thing for moms to do. Amirite? After a too long break from my stylist’s chair, I finally carved out some time to get my hair cut a few months ago. But I was too cheap, and didn’t want to spend the extra time, getting my hair colored. After a summer spent at the beach, and the insane amount of new gray hairs that had popped up, I definitely needed a dye job, but I just couldn’t bring myself to bite the bullet.

So when I was offered an opportunity to try Madison Reed at-home hair color, I jumped at the chance. Let’s face it, I’m a box color sorta girl. It’s no fuss, it takes 30 minutes…and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. What could be better? I settled on Milano Brown, and anxiously awaited its arrival. This isn’t your average box of hair dye. It comes impressively packaged, with extra gloves, creme barrier so your forehead and ears don’t end up matching your hair (right?), sample size, color-safe shampoo & conditioner. Application is easy, and it doesn’t smell like you work in a chemical factory.

I was thrilled with the results. The color is rich, multi-dimensional, and a few weeks later, still looks fantastic. It’s a bit pricier than your typical drugstore brands, but it’s still entirely affordable at just $30. They won me over, and I’m ready to sign up for their discounted auto-delivery service.

Before (top) & After (bottom)

The best part? You can save 50% on your first order by clicking HERE and usin the code BETTERCOLOR at check out! Do it! Do it NOW! You won’t regret it.

And when you’re done and your hair looks fabulous, call me and we’ll plan a trip. Then when you’re back, you can come to a party at my house and play with our next foster puppy!

Sound like a plan?



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