Just Call Me Pee-Wee. My Husband Does.

by Meghan on October 2, 2012

So, remember the other day when I told you that I’ve recently found myself on a health kick?

Well, I got a bike!

My new girlfriend

Isn’t she lovely?

The boys and I have been riding to school (almost, let’s be real) every day, which, for me, means I’m making the 3/4 mile ride six times a day! If you’re not good at math, that means I’m riding 4.5  miles. Which honestly doesn’t seem like a lot when you’re talking about bike riding, but when I think about it in terms of how sedentary I was  before this, it’s better than nothing!

In true Meghan style, I had to outfit my bike with all kinds of fun bells and whistles, which is also what earned me my new nickname. First on the list of super, duper important accessories was…a bike seat for Oliver, followed closely by an adorable (and functional!) white basket.

Ollie digs his seat. He doesn’t make a peep when we’re out on a ride, and I often hear a tiny little voice saying “wheee!” as we ride down hills or around corners.

The other night we bit the bullet and took a family bike ride to the beach. We’re lucky enough to live pretty close to an awesome bike path that leads to our favorite beach, and aside from a few stops so Zachary could drink some water, it was a success!

Well, it was a complete success until the boys decided to off road for a bit, and Dylan ate it and ended up with a scraped knee and bent handlebars. You can imagine how well THAT went over.

We made it back onto the path and headed home…slowly. By the end Zach was completely worn out and had slowed down considerably.

He had fun, though, so we plan on doing it again.

We’ll just bring along some extra water and a small first aid kit from now on.

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Tami @Colorado Mountain Mom October 4, 2012 at 12:24 pm

LOVE PeeWee Herman, LOVE your bike, LOVE these beach pictures!!! What an awesome place you live – yaaay you! I’m all about enjoying the lovely outdoors, and while I adore living in the mountains of Colorado – the beach comes in at a seriously close second. ;)

Found you via #CCLP tweets. See ya in Atlanta!
Tami @Colorado Mountain Mom´s last [type] ..Easy Italian Meals with Bertolli – Giveaway


Natalie October 9, 2012 at 10:16 am

GOOD FOR YOU! I think that’s great, and I love the bike.
Natalie´s last [type] ..potluck: where food is actually mentioned


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